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ZIMEXPO presents an excellent opportunity for marketing.  At ZIMEXPO business entities have the opportunity to get face-to-face with key industry professionals, generate awareness among potential buyers, sellers, partners, distributors, reporters, and investors and do it all in just three days. In the past a number of business entities have realized more than double in sales during the ZIMEXPO events.

Exhibitions will be opened from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M on each of the event days. Orders can be placed directly during the event. If you wish to reserve an Exhibition booth to showcase your products, information or services, please call 240-715-2763, 951-203-8003 for Exhibition Registration and any further details before registering.

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Tariro neGitare

Tariro neGitare (loosely translated, Tariro and the guitar) is a guitarist, singer and songwriter based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Her music has a strong afro soul feel and exudes evident influences from artists like Oliver Mtukudzi, Sara Tavares, Tracy Chapman amongst others. Born and bred in Zimbabwe, she started playing the guitar at the age of 13 at St. John’s High school, where she was taught by a German Sr. Elizabeth Wedeking. She played regularly at church as well as at school. A friend of hers, Charmaine Chitate, invited her to a Sistaz Open Mic event held at the Book Café, by Pamberi Trust under the FLAME project. It was at this platform that she linked up with Edith weUtonga (then called Edith and So What?!) and became the guitarist for the band. She continued to gain experience and played for other artists including Diana Samkange and Cathy Mutezo-Mhlanga.

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Schedule of Events

  • Golf (12 Midday - 5pm)
  • Soccer  First Round (12 - 5pm)
  • Embassy Services (8:00am - 5pm)
  • Legal Services (8:00am - 5pm)
  • Dress Up Dinner (7:30-10pm)
  • Concert - Shastro & Nox (11pm - 2am)
  • Friday Night Welcome to Atlanta Party Hosted by Jealous "Jendro" Chiambiro (Midnight onwards)
  • Business Exhibits (10:00am - 5pm) **There will be traditional food solds at the Exhibits. Details of those selling food will be on our programs**
  • Embassy Services (8:00am - 5pm)

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Atlanta 2014